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Built for endurance.

Withstands relentless gunfire.

Better than a paper target!

The trainer's choice for realistic firearm training.

Manufactured with a specific blend of foam rubber and covered with a white coating that pops once the shot has made impact.
Easy handling and mobility due to light weight.
Field tested with pistols, automatic rifles as well as shot guns.
It can take 500 - 1000 rounds full spread.
Exact bullet hit presentation.

Shoot. Paint. Shoot Again.

After years of research and development, Virtual VTact has created the perfect blend of materials to create a target that is both durable and realistic. When a shot penetrates the target, the hole closes up again, allowing you to keep shooting without having to replace the target.

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Tried and Tested!

Our 3D tactical training dummy has been put through the test. 
Watch these videos below to see how well it did. Our dummy doesn't disappoint.
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