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Realistic tactical training with our Vtact Re-act Training Unit

Shoot a live round at the active Vtact Re-act node and test your reaction time between LED flash and target hit.

vtact re-act (react) unit 3D dummy tactical training equipment

Innovative Technology Test. Adjust. Re-act.

Test your reactions by:

  • Choosing either single or multiple mode,
  • Choosing between red or blue LED lights, and
  • Adjusting the LED brightness.

All in the the palm of your hand with our exciting mobile app.

VTact React comes with 3 pre-installed routines with individual options and functions – manual, 30sec and 60sec – choose your routine and test it out.

Convenience In one little box


With the internal battery giving you +- 5 hours worth of continuous use, you are able to practice for longer. The controller unit ships with an internal battery, and any 5v Cell-phone charger may be used to recharge the internal
power bank.


The controller unit acts as a WIFI hotspot to provide access to the internal
website, used to program your device. You can program on demand during training without having to log into a computer.


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